Abbey Ale

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Belgian Dark Ale, 7.8%ABVA rich and decadent beer inspired by the Trappist monks of the old world. The combined Belgian special, chocolate malts and Gambrinus malts give a rich hue with strong head retention. Propogated Trappist yeast and Belgian candy sugars offer a spicy and malt tasting experience to our congregants with a slight sweetness… Read more »

Apostate Stout

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Old World Stout, 5.8%ABV Pitched with a European ale yeast strain, this beer gives a light roastiness perfect for the cold season upon us. A bit dryer than its American counterparts, black in color with a tan head. Hops: Loral, East Kent Golding

Apricot Wheat

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American Wheat Ale, 5.8%ABV Brewed with a 50/50 grain bill of wheat and pilsner malts. 88lbs of aseptic Oregon Fruits Apricot Puree was added into the secondary phase of fermentation. The finished beer gives a rich copper hue with apricot aroma and flavors balances with subtle acidity. Pure white head and super clean finish!

Beer of Paradise

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Tropical Golden Ale, 6.8%ABVBrewed as an experimental ale with the use of whole cone hops very early in the brewing process (pre-boil) and a European ale yeast fermented at a free rising temperature. The result gives a bouquet of tropical fruits and banana esters, strong flavors of papaya and mango. Poured with a pure white… Read more »

Cervisa Duplus

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Double Ale, 8%ABVAfter harvesting our non-domestic ale yeast from Dark of the Covenant we created something new with CERVISA DUPLUS. The recipe starts similar to an Imperial IPA but adds non-traditional IPA specialty malts for a full body and rich, honey-like color. Lesser bettering hops are added to the boil with a more ample charge… Read more »

Crimson Redentor

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Amer Red Ale, 5.8%ABVThis offering is brewer ‘redemption’ in creating a classic Amer Red Ale! Dark ruby color due to additions of Blackprinz malt, robust and earthy body, floral citrus areas and a super-clean finish. Hops: Loral

Dark of the Covenant

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Strong Ale, 8.6%Our bold and brave dark ale that transcends traditional beer styles! A full-bodied blend of malts ranging from midnight wheat, 2-row, pilsner, oats and others. Orange marmalade was added to the whirlpool and then pitched with an European ale yeast. The finished beer rested on sweet and bitter orange peel, fresh vanilla bean… Read more »

Golden Lilly

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Belgian Strong Ale, 7.8%Inspired by the name ‘Lilith’ our Golden Ale is super smooth with a deceptive 7.8%. Only 3lbs of hops were used in a 10BBL batch to allow the Trappist yeast to be the showcase of this beer. Fruity easters of pear and apples on the nose with a slight spice on the… Read more »


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Lagerbier, 5.4%ABVOur 1st lager brewed with 100% Munich malt and a Bavarian-clone yeast strain. Malty body, rich copper hues- clean and refreshing! Prost!


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India Pale Ale, 6.3%ABVThe lastest version of our core IPA is now in circulation at each Chapter. To represent our 4 Chapters with this core offering Brewer Lance used 4 of the ‘C’ hops-¬†Cascade, Crystal, Chinook, Centennial. The beer was then amply dry-hopped with whole cone Centennials. The inspiration was to offer daily an easy… Read more »