Aprikos Hveteøl

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Apricot Wheat Ale, 5.4%ABV Brewed with a 50/50 grain bill of wheat and pilsner malts. 88lbs of aseptic Oregon Fruits Apricot Puree was added into the secondary phase of fermentation. Use of the Hveteøl yeast adds a wonderful tartness and balanced dryness on the finish.

Crimson Redentor

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Amer Red Ale, 5.8%ABVThis offering is brewer ‘redemption’ in creating a classic Amer Red Ale! Dark ruby color due to additions of Blackprinz malt, robust and earthy body, floral citrus areas and a super-clean finish. Hops: Loral

HALE! to the PALE

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Amer Pale Ale w Spruce, 6.4% ABV Inspired by a trip to Denver years ago and after winning a gold medal in the 2017 Int’l Beer Fest, Hale! to the Pale returns to our tap lists! A rich piny, resiny northwestern style pale ale with a floral quality on the nose and palate from the… Read more »


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India Pale Ale, 6.3%ABVThe lastest version of our core IPA is now in circulation at each Chapter. To represent our 4 Chapters with this core offering Brewer Lance used 4 of the ‘C’ hops- Cascade, Crystal, Chinook, Centennial. The inspiration was to offer daily an easy drinking ‘all-day’ type IPA with whole cone hops without being… Read more »